Thursday, October 8, 2009

Case Unsolved

I totally called it! I said Bambi was the bandit to Smokey' name.
It seems Bambi has been taking hunting lessons from Smokey. Very suspicious indeed!

Granted no one is confessing and some seem to think I had something to do with it (bite your kibble!) I prefer a lightly smoked salmon with a side of kibble tartar not a furry pest with fur and bones to eat through (ew!).

I am a totally domesticated cat.
It's a pity some of the crew can't say the same.

Either way the case has been closed unsolved and the heat is off...the guilty party...whoever that may be...seriously stop looking at me like that.

Oooooohhh back massaging brush! Love it! More, more please!
I could never survive in the wild without backrubs.

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