Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's one cool cat!

You know, I love hearing about cats who made it big on the net. Just the other night when one of the humans was away from her desk (no doubt filling my kibble bowl or something) I took a peak at what humans do on the net.
Do they have awesome blogs like mine?
What a silly question, no. She may very well have a blog but I know it isn't cool like mine. I mean really? What could a human possibly have to say on the internet?

Anyway the human left it on a page about birds so I couldn't help but look around. Imagine my surprise to not find a single bird but a bunch of silly humans tweeting?
One of them definitely caught my attention because there in the mass of silly humans talking about silly stuff was a cat named Sockington tweeting about his adventures in cat land much like I do here on this blog thing.
Even more impressive, he has over 1 million humans listening to every word!

I'd like to make a cool cat like that an honorary memeber of my crew...but I'm totally not cool enough with my zero followers here. Too bad too cause I'm sure it would totally increase my coolness on the net.

Paws up to a very awesome cat. Remeber to bend their minds to your will and soon the world will belong to all cats! hehe just kidding, i know it already does. ;)

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