Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A brat?

A BRAT? He called me a brat? I'm not a brat! Ducky I'm gonna get you, just you wait and see!

Hmm maybe I should post a little more on this blog while Ducky is off sucking up for treats. Yes, sucking up. He isn't all that put off by two dogs! They weren't big dogs even they were almost as big as Ducky himself! It's not like the bunch of us couldn't get two tiny dogs working together.

But Ducky was scared anyway! At least Bambi stood up and hissed at them! Ducky couldn't run away fast enough! And that fly he caught, he totally stole it from me after it couldn't fly away.
Who's a brat now Ducky? Not me!

Excuse me, I think it's time for my massage. My human does pamper me so! And look a whole pile of treats, why suck up when humans deliver? Really, Ducky you're too much like a dog yourself!

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