Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello cats and kittens!

Wow my first entry. I'm so excited I want my crinkle ball here to witness my inaugural entry.

*jumps off chair*
*runs off*
*distant piff paff*
*runs back in*

There now the crinkle ball is set up to view...hmm that crinkle ball looks too good to just leave sitting there I wonder ifxdbh utnso[e]gpoaerg qipe45y in}(BIe45hprniphatpasfnbegn sapeirgnjwsripisdnfg oiwenrthio wpth etuktyfl,kdfdfgsodbnfvgb adugbuabdgsjbd uhse568yws9d8vguweryohaev lse58uOawse85y3w4y0768it6j789potfgnfdthse4yt7itymch

Phew! That was fun! This keyboard thing isn't quite as happy about chasing the crinkle ball all over it but it'll learn to get out of the way of an impending chase or be smooshed over just like everything else around here.

So what do you all think of my first entry evaar?

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