Thursday, August 27, 2009


For your information I wasn't sucking up. It's called 'milking it for all it's worth' something I was sure you are familiar with.

*shakes head*

Some cats are only in the crew because I'm related to them. Well one cat is anyway.

Ahem, hairball.


The dog smell has finally faded to tolerable levels, I totally caught that fly on my own, the kibble is tasty and free of contamination, the water is fresh and slobber free and crinkleball is fine having had to fend for himself against two giant dogs. He's braver than I for sure, but then again he doesn't have a tail to lose.

I am stuffed with treats and kibble so I'm heading to my wickerbed POOKY! for some much deserved rest.
I hope to dream about what pirates did to crew members that mutinied.

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