Monday, August 31, 2009


Clearly humans are missing something in their genetic make up. Maybe it's the distinct lack of whiskers and a tail. Perhaps they just aren't as smart as we felines. I can't say for certain.

Once again I struggle with wet feet because the human here forgot to close the windows. Almost as though she was oblivious to it's approach despite the tang on the air, the wind gradually building, even the slight spark of electricity in the air.

And as the rain came down there was a sudden realization then a frantic dash to the open windows, to prevent yet another sill flooding which was far, far too late.

So as I sit here trying to lick the remnants of the puddle in my favorite window off my toes, Teddy is typing this post for me. He says hi by the way.


You're not supposed to type that Teddy. Hey, stop typing everything I'm saying. NOT FUNNY!

usbdrg suobn eorihasneoh nsweiphsnninpaenr gisne
sdfjnifg hindfg
dr ftnhipsdlfnhpsfjm isdfnthnmdpfn orfmthomdfpohgm dfomth!!!

Ugh. I always have to do everything myself!
If I get electrocuted I'm blaming you Teddy.

As I was saying. Humans aren't the brightest creatures out there. Surely with those supposedly superior thumbs they are perfectly good at opening bags of kibble or cans of tuna but not for wiping up the watery puddle in the windows.

I'm gonna go play with crinkleball, maybe we'll gang up and tease Teddy about his long locks.
*Teddy tackles Ducky to the floor*

Ow maybe not.

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