Monday, September 7, 2009

A shoutout exchange

In exchange for Toby (one of my crew) giving this blog a shoutout on his fanclub at sheezyart, I've agreed to give a shoutout to his new facebook fan page.

Toby's Fan Page on Facebook!

Purrsonaly at the moment I think I'm getting the better side of this deal seeing as I have zero followers and he has several established fans and once he starts getting more famous over at facebook maybe I'll actually pick up a few followers too!

I gotta say, if I ever get any followers, it's be nice to have one of those.
Anyone can say they're a fan just by clicking a button and can then get updates right along with everything else.

I was going to give a shout out to Toby's various online endeavors at some point, I mean if he ever does manage to take over the world I'll be right there on the inside having him as part of my crew. He's the only cat in the crew who ventured onto the internet before me. Ok so his human does all his typing for him because he says has a hard time typing, but I think maybe he can type and just wants to get away with not having to type anything.

Check out Toby's other internet endeavors when you're done becoming a fan on facebook won't ya?

His second website(the first was killed by aol): LINK

His fanclub on sheezyart: LINK

His catster page (you can find me under family): LINK

Whoa there's a button for him on my blog, I had no idea that was gonna happen. Well until I get one of my own I suppose that particular space isn't all that needed for anything.

Humans I want my own fan page now!

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