Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whoa! Follower!

Ok everyone in the crew is giving themselves a quick bath and shining up the whiskers.

We have our first follower and comment from none other than the talented Susan Faye

Many in the crew were delighted to discover we have our very first follower. A few skeptics (PATCHES!) didn't believe anyone would actually want to read this stuff.

I suppose I can't put off full crew introductions any more huh?
Well until next time anyway.
That crinkleball is starting to roll now.

Hey I'm a busy cat here!

I haven't updated in a while, but that's because two new cats are visiting the crew lately. Their names are Tiger and Tiny (their human obviously loves the letter T). They won't be joining per say but I suppose they can be honorary crew members while they're here.
Apparently they are the sons of our very own mouse massacring Smokey.
A big paws up to the T brothers!

New faces aside I've been quite busy. There were wooden boards to scratch, cupboards to get into, clean litter boxes to play in while the getting was good, and someone found a second crinkleball hiding under the stove!

It shall not escape again! We know its hiding place now so it has no where to run!

There were also many bowls of fresh kibble and meat since my last post which need mentioning because we do not want those to ever stop coming by. I'd make them members of the crew but I have a strict "No eating members of the crew" policy (a little ear nibbling and paw chewing is fine) and well kibble doesn't have much in the way of purrsonality so what else can you do with it?

I think I shall get back to that rediscovered crinkleball. I've been keeping an eye on it but I swear as I type it has slowly been nudging its way back toward the kitchen. Don't worry old crinkleball, I'll save a bat or two for you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Mrrow meow rrrprrt meeeeowww prrrt pprroooow *chirp chirp* wwwoooooww meow mooow meow rrrrrttt mow... Prrt?

*kicks blog*

There! The translation matrix apprently wasn't working at first. Must be halloween ghoulish leftovers...or maybe someone left a candy bar to melt a little too close to the blogger server again.

Hey! it wasn't me! Chocolate is poision to a tabby like me. I prefer those adorable freeze dried salmon's too bad the humans wouldn't let me out to trick or treat with them. Can you imagine a cat like me coming home empty handed? rained...never mind. No salmon is worth getting actually wet for...that's what treat bags are for, let the humans do all the work.