Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meowy Christmas!

Ok so it's officially Christmas Eve but I'm anticipating a certain human giving me some nip tomorrow for Christmas and you don't want to see my typing on that stuff!

How about a couple of pictures?

This is me, posing for a photo with Santa. I somehow thought he'd be...bigger.

And of course every tree needs an angel on top so here is Toby sporting his wings.
Not that he's a real angel, or that he actually sits on top the tree...what does he do again?

I am anticipating a lot of fun tomorrow. I've been looking for hidden pressies all week and I know the smell of treats quite well, really you'd think they'd know by now. Hello, cat! Superior smelling power. Spooky just tried to tell me it has something to do with old factories...I wonder about him at times, really.
I even thought I heard the distinctive crunch of another crinkle ball in one of the bags but someone tied it shut and I couldn't very well rip it open when there's always a human around to come running and bust me.
A great many ornaments have been knocked from the tree and I am really exhausted from the effort. And kinda frustrated; none of them broke. Apparently the bottom half of the tree is covered in non breaking ornaments.
Who knew humans could learn stuff?
The top half still has the breakable kind though and that sounds like a challenge to me.

I hope all you cats, kittens and humans (because you bring us food and all) have a very Merry Christmas.
As for Santa, I'm keeping an eye out for you.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Look what my human made me!

I am loved!

I heart Ducky by ~nutamu on deviantART

Now you can give me a lick and put me on your Christmas cards! MOL!

Oh hey! No fair!

Monday, December 14, 2009

*yawn* *stretch*

These curtains are great! Too bad they only let me do this for so long before they get a little ragged.
Wimpy curtains!

Uh oh...the people spotted me stretching again. Apparently it's a crime to align one's back properly?

*run run run*

Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome me back, cause here I am!


I was just, thinking. Thinking about what snow tastes like. Yup, it's called SNOW Patches not "s'noooo" good try though, for a bratty sister.

I was also thinking that Christmas is coming soon, which means the humans are gonna bring us a tree to play with and pile funny boxes (some which smell like treats) underneath it like little steps for those of us less than agile who can't scale the base.

Not that I had any problems my very first year. I brought that tree to it's knees and had the branches stretched out to hold me up, even if I had to knock a few things out of it in the process.
Why do the humans fill those things with so many dangly toys, I mean I only have 4 paws, I can't possibly knock em all down in the few weeks the tree is up. Not that I didn't give it a valiant effort. I can't wait for the fun to begin!

Hmm I really do need to introduce more of the crew, at this point it's getting quite ridiculous so I'll do a quick one right here and now.

Her name is Missy, (nickname Missy Moo Moo).
She is quite beautiful and quite willing to bite my ears off if I didn't tell you that. I happen to like my ears. She is one tough cat for such an decpetively dainty looking feline. I don't mess with her unless I'm feeling that lovely catnip buzz that makes a cat far too brave and far too stupid.

I am told by the older cats that Missy was rescued from an empty lot next to a garage of all places *looks around for missy, doesn't spot her* HA! *looks around again nervously* that was run by a cat hater.
She was removed from the area to save her life and I think also to intimidate every cat that came after her for good measure.

She has her cool moments, like when she spared my tail when I accidentally bumped into her one day and I think every crew needs a surprize attacker to defend the home territory from intruding cats and those horrible, horrible dogs.
Missy loves her attention and has many traits in common with my sister Patches (oh joy) and always arrives first for treat time (most of us have learned that claws don't really do well with a pile of treats).

Basically around here there are three girls(Patches, Missy and Mimi) who make it their job to act like they control the rest of us.
Us guys know better, when you know they aren't around to swipe at us.
I'm sooo not gonna be overrun by my bratty sister that's for sure!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hmm a blog, I wonder if it tastes good?

Yup it's me, Patches invading the blog again. Wow, not a paw in sight on here in some while. Good thing I am here huh? Not that I blame Ducky, I think his butt got frozen to the window seat. See all this white stuff started falling (the humans called it s'NOOOO...I don't think they like it much if they can't even finish saying it without the mournful wail) and ever since Ducky has spent a lot of time looking at it, watching it fall and acting like a total kitten batting at the frigid window.. Purrsonaly I can't stand the stuff, too cold. Brrrrr! My fur is too short to even look at it without feeling a chill.

*holds up one paw*

Oh humans, I need another foot massage, I was thinking of the s'NOOOO again. hehehe

For the record, I did believe we'd finally get a follower, more than one eventually, just not with Ducky alone writing these blog things. That's what I'm for, ok so the others too a bit I suppose but seeing as Spooky and I are the only ones brave enough to pounce onto the 'net' so far (though I have yet to see this thing Ducky called the net anywhere even if I did jump on it!), they really don't count.

I think I'll try and get one of the long furred twins to fetch me one of those s'NOOOO things. It may be cold but they look all tasty running past the window.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whoa! Follower!

Ok everyone in the crew is giving themselves a quick bath and shining up the whiskers.

We have our first follower and comment from none other than the talented Susan Faye

Many in the crew were delighted to discover we have our very first follower. A few skeptics (PATCHES!) didn't believe anyone would actually want to read this stuff.

I suppose I can't put off full crew introductions any more huh?
Well until next time anyway.
That crinkleball is starting to roll now.

Hey I'm a busy cat here!

I haven't updated in a while, but that's because two new cats are visiting the crew lately. Their names are Tiger and Tiny (their human obviously loves the letter T). They won't be joining per say but I suppose they can be honorary crew members while they're here.
Apparently they are the sons of our very own mouse massacring Smokey.
A big paws up to the T brothers!

New faces aside I've been quite busy. There were wooden boards to scratch, cupboards to get into, clean litter boxes to play in while the getting was good, and someone found a second crinkleball hiding under the stove!

It shall not escape again! We know its hiding place now so it has no where to run!

There were also many bowls of fresh kibble and meat since my last post which need mentioning because we do not want those to ever stop coming by. I'd make them members of the crew but I have a strict "No eating members of the crew" policy (a little ear nibbling and paw chewing is fine) and well kibble doesn't have much in the way of purrsonality so what else can you do with it?

I think I shall get back to that rediscovered crinkleball. I've been keeping an eye on it but I swear as I type it has slowly been nudging its way back toward the kitchen. Don't worry old crinkleball, I'll save a bat or two for you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Mrrow meow rrrprrt meeeeowww prrrt pprroooow *chirp chirp* wwwoooooww meow mooow meow rrrrrttt mow... Prrt?

*kicks blog*

There! The translation matrix apprently wasn't working at first. Must be halloween ghoulish leftovers...or maybe someone left a candy bar to melt a little too close to the blogger server again.

Hey! it wasn't me! Chocolate is poision to a tabby like me. I prefer those adorable freeze dried salmon's too bad the humans wouldn't let me out to trick or treat with them. Can you imagine a cat like me coming home empty handed? rained...never mind. No salmon is worth getting actually wet for...that's what treat bags are for, let the humans do all the work.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Remeber kitties, stay off the streets and be wary of humans around this time of year. Halloween is just four days away and those humans do some pretty strange things this time of year, like dressing up us cats!

Deplorable! Poor Toby forced into such humiliation!

Though I must note, Toby hates, HATES hats he loves putting on a cape or coat when the mood strikes him. *shakes head* He's been with silly humans for too long.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's one cool cat!

You know, I love hearing about cats who made it big on the net. Just the other night when one of the humans was away from her desk (no doubt filling my kibble bowl or something) I took a peak at what humans do on the net.
Do they have awesome blogs like mine?
What a silly question, no. She may very well have a blog but I know it isn't cool like mine. I mean really? What could a human possibly have to say on the internet?

Anyway the human left it on a page about birds so I couldn't help but look around. Imagine my surprise to not find a single bird but a bunch of silly humans tweeting?
One of them definitely caught my attention because there in the mass of silly humans talking about silly stuff was a cat named Sockington tweeting about his adventures in cat land much like I do here on this blog thing.
Even more impressive, he has over 1 million humans listening to every word!

I'd like to make a cool cat like that an honorary memeber of my crew...but I'm totally not cool enough with my zero followers here. Too bad too cause I'm sure it would totally increase my coolness on the net.

Paws up to a very awesome cat. Remeber to bend their minds to your will and soon the world will belong to all cats! hehe just kidding, i know it already does. ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feral Cat day!

Everyone celebrate! Today is feral cat day. Not sure what feral means exactly but the humans said it's what my brothers, sister and I could of become if we hadn't found a home and humans to care for us. I can't imagine how horrible that must of been, it was awfully scary outside...*ahem* I mean cold, it was awfully cold outside.

So today is for all the cats still out there in need of warm, unscary forever homes.

Also 4 paws up (look I'm flying!) for
A bunch of humans are actually trying to help the cats that are out there, all alone in the cold. Even when the cats are too scared of them to come to them for help.

Warms my fur hearing it, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


New toy. String on a stick.
Oh so different from feather on a stick and lame toy on a string on a stick.
I've already broken the line twice and it just keeps ending up tied back together.

The human is looking at me strangely.
I don't like the looks o...OH NO! Is it bathtime...I mean torture me in water time again?
I know that look that's the 'I'm so gonna get you look."

Oh, I broke the string again.
Oh, this is the same string the lame toy came on before I shredded the lame toy.
This thing is getting awfully short now.

Hey is it my fault the string is faulty? Or that the toy needed shredding?
Just keep retying it human until I can chase the stick.
Sticks are fun too you know.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Case Unsolved

I totally called it! I said Bambi was the bandit to Smokey' name.
It seems Bambi has been taking hunting lessons from Smokey. Very suspicious indeed!

Granted no one is confessing and some seem to think I had something to do with it (bite your kibble!) I prefer a lightly smoked salmon with a side of kibble tartar not a furry pest with fur and bones to eat through (ew!).

I am a totally domesticated cat.
It's a pity some of the crew can't say the same.

Either way the case has been closed unsolved and the heat is off...the guilty party...whoever that may be...seriously stop looking at me like that.

Oooooohhh back massaging brush! Love it! More, more please!
I could never survive in the wild without backrubs.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deputy Ducky on the case!

I was deputized today by one of the humans.
We're investigating grizzly murder of a brown mouse that was found in the basement today. It was a horrific scene, the poor mousy was dismembered, worse totally wasted as a meal!

The human kept trying to find the initial crime scene and decided to deputize me in the hunt for evidence in the brutal murder.

Our number one suspect is the only cat who had caught and killed many a mouse in the great big outdoors beyond our window also known as the 'OMG OMG WE'RE OUTSIDE SCARY!' place.

Her name is Smokey. Not sure who the bandit is but I'm leaning towards Bambi, he already has the mask.
Ahem as I was saying, her name is Smokey AKA Chirpy AKA Muffin head
I'd say with the amount of alias' she's already be convicted but alas Bambi has more. Even my bratty sister has a few more than 3.

This is a photo of the suspect.
She has a certain evil gleam in her eyes.

Although I must say, all this excitement over a dead mouse, this 'investigation' is going to prove fruitless in the end. Mostly because we don't have any fruit trees but also because Smokey is a member of my crew. And a cat NEVER squeals like a mouse on any member of their crew.
Besides it just may have been an inside job. No one ever suspects the deputy.
Ho hum. er Meow?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happiness is...

...a warm lap on a cold day.
...a friend to snuggle with when a warm lap is unavailable.
...a can of tuna when you're feeling hungry.
...kibble to fill any bowl.
...all the nip a cat can gobble down while still believing gravity.
...a wicker bed to call your own.
...a crinkle ball that's never far away.

...a crew who understands all these and more.

Happiness is being a cat.

I think I shall now take a nap.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm up high!
Look at me I'm up high!
Hey now, ho now I'm up high.
The water heater is my domain, I claim this land in the name of Duckia, all hail me as I am up higher than you!

Hey humans! look at me I'm up high, you totally can't reach...Zoinks!
*run run run skid*

Phew! They almost got me!
Displaced from my lands, I shall reclaim what is mine, as soon as you aren't looking.
Mark my words, Duckia shall be mine again!

Oohh feeding time already? I think I could survive displaced from my lands with this.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wow I slept a whole week!

At least in terms of this blog thing.
It's been a hectic time around the house. The humans are acting weird about this mousey with wings that was found in the backyard. We could see it from our favorite window but we couldn't get at it because of the stupid screen blocking the window.

Some of the humans have even cried and it bothers us all when that happens because we don't know what to do anymore than they do. A bit of extra affectionate allorubbing only seems to make it worse. Even Patches is worried.

I've heard them say words like RAYBEE's and QUAR-AN-TEEEN but I'm not sure what it means.
You don't think it has anything to do with those dogs coming back do you?
Maybe that's why the humans are crying? They don't want their curtains shredded?

I hope things get better soon but I think for the next while, until the humans stop acting weird I'm gonna be less frequent on posting to the blog.
It'll only be for a little while, try not to kill the internets without me ok?

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hmm what?

*blinks slowly*

Oh, I thought you said something.

Never mind.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cat free internet day?

For your information I was not on yesterday because I setting a new record for chain sleeping, not because some silly human proclaimed yesterday cat free internet day.

I have not actually heard of this cat free internet day before today.
It kinda stinks.
I shall bury this nonsense in the litter box like the rest of the poop.

*scratch scratch scratch*

*litter flies out of the box*

There. All nice and tidy again. Now if only we could get rid of the dogs!

Seriously? You think some cat hating human could keep me away from the internet? I have these things on my paws called claws you know, and yes I understand how to use them and where to strike to cause the maximum level of swearing.

News article on the silly day

Hmm cheeseburger huh? I gotta check that out!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New trick

You'd be amazed at what being late for supper can do.

Yeah maybe I was sound asleep and didn't hear the food call, so of course the humans go running through the apartment searching for me, I hear them calling and slowly stretch as I normally do before getting up and they find me like that, stretched out in my wickerbed. They speak differently, softer than normal and can't seem to keep their hands off me. Ok the pinch test was a bit much but I got out my best arsenal and slowly looked up at them softly blinking and that was all it took.

My dish full of food was brought to me, all the petting and grooming I can get.
Seriously ok that might be getting annoying having them check on me every 30 minutes but totally worth it in the end.

I wonder what'd they do if I ever so carefully coughed?
I must be careful with this opportunity though or they be shipping me off to the VET.
Humans can be such suckers. hehehe

Monday, September 7, 2009

A shoutout exchange

In exchange for Toby (one of my crew) giving this blog a shoutout on his fanclub at sheezyart, I've agreed to give a shoutout to his new facebook fan page.

Toby's Fan Page on Facebook!

Purrsonaly at the moment I think I'm getting the better side of this deal seeing as I have zero followers and he has several established fans and once he starts getting more famous over at facebook maybe I'll actually pick up a few followers too!

I gotta say, if I ever get any followers, it's be nice to have one of those.
Anyone can say they're a fan just by clicking a button and can then get updates right along with everything else.

I was going to give a shout out to Toby's various online endeavors at some point, I mean if he ever does manage to take over the world I'll be right there on the inside having him as part of my crew. He's the only cat in the crew who ventured onto the internet before me. Ok so his human does all his typing for him because he says has a hard time typing, but I think maybe he can type and just wants to get away with not having to type anything.

Check out Toby's other internet endeavors when you're done becoming a fan on facebook won't ya?

His second website(the first was killed by aol): LINK

His fanclub on sheezyart: LINK

His catster page (you can find me under family): LINK

Whoa there's a button for him on my blog, I had no idea that was gonna happen. Well until I get one of my own I suppose that particular space isn't all that needed for anything.

Humans I want my own fan page now!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

*munch munch*

You know, I love summer. Lots of fresh air, warm sun shining down on my fur, corn on the cob.

Oh yeah.

I don't know why the humans throw these cob things out. They're positively soaked in butter!
Who cares about the stupid corn? Ew veggies! But the cobs are like butter sponges you can just keep sucking on and they always taste grea...oh snap busted!
*run run run skid*
It's not my fault they put them in the plastic bin thing! How else am I supposed to get to em without knocking over the rest of the 'garbage'?

These humans seriously need to make this easier on me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sooooo relaaaaaaaaaxed!

Someone decided to give me a back massage today. Ok so the rest of the crew got em too along with a brushing and combing. Pampered felines we are. Even the sun came out!

Now if only they would of fed us early it would of been even cooler.

Patches even curled up and just slept in a warm lap for a while. The rest of us stretched out tail to nose on every available bed. Even crinkleball got in on the action and got a few good squishes from me before joining us all in bed.

I need more days like this.

Oh human! I need my pedicure now, and a platter of those lovely treats if you please.

What does it have to do with celery?

Explain something to me.
Today I stalked a leaf that the humans accidentally let in, purrfecting my paw steps to make little sound. As I wound up my tail end ready to pounce, one of the humans loudly proclaimed
"Oh look Ducky is doing the celery thing again!"
Of course this totally ruined any element of surprise I might of had with the leaf so I promptly turned and gave the human the ole stink eye and retreated to my wickerbed before the leaf could get any ideas.

What does celery have to do with stalking?
Humans make no sense!

Monday, August 31, 2009


Clearly humans are missing something in their genetic make up. Maybe it's the distinct lack of whiskers and a tail. Perhaps they just aren't as smart as we felines. I can't say for certain.

Once again I struggle with wet feet because the human here forgot to close the windows. Almost as though she was oblivious to it's approach despite the tang on the air, the wind gradually building, even the slight spark of electricity in the air.

And as the rain came down there was a sudden realization then a frantic dash to the open windows, to prevent yet another sill flooding which was far, far too late.

So as I sit here trying to lick the remnants of the puddle in my favorite window off my toes, Teddy is typing this post for me. He says hi by the way.


You're not supposed to type that Teddy. Hey, stop typing everything I'm saying. NOT FUNNY!

usbdrg suobn eorihasneoh nsweiphsnninpaenr gisne
sdfjnifg hindfg
dr ftnhipsdlfnhpsfjm isdfnthnmdpfn orfmthomdfpohgm dfomth!!!

Ugh. I always have to do everything myself!
If I get electrocuted I'm blaming you Teddy.

As I was saying. Humans aren't the brightest creatures out there. Surely with those supposedly superior thumbs they are perfectly good at opening bags of kibble or cans of tuna but not for wiping up the watery puddle in the windows.

I'm gonna go play with crinkleball, maybe we'll gang up and tease Teddy about his long locks.
*Teddy tackles Ducky to the floor*

Ow maybe not.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I think I ate too much!
I'm looking very much like the blog banner image above this post.

Wait, where's my ear in that pic?
Oh my kibble! Why didn't anyone tell me I forgot to wear my other ear for that photoshoot?!

Horrible horrible horrible!
What is my crew for if not informing me of such critical matters?

*feels so embarrassed*

Feet! Wet!

My feet are wet!
*shakes back foot rapidly*
*shakes foot*
My feet got wet ACK!
*stops and licks*

Stupid rain flooded my favorite window sill again.
I vote for moar sun!
*shakes other back foot rapidly*
Ugh I'm not called Ducky because of a love of water alright?
*shakes foot again for good measure*
Oh no! It's all over my belly too! Now I need a full out bath!
I gotta go groom before I short out the computer.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm a poet and you didn't even know it!
A haiku is un-rhymed, three-line poem of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables.
Even a dog could do it! Well maybe not a dog...

Just try taking the computer from me while blogging!

Fingers are tasty
How I adore to nibble
No claws to fight back

Hmmm warm sun!

Wonderful sunshine
Warming my soft tabby fur
Dreaming happy dreams

Thursday, August 27, 2009


For your information I wasn't sucking up. It's called 'milking it for all it's worth' something I was sure you are familiar with.

*shakes head*

Some cats are only in the crew because I'm related to them. Well one cat is anyway.

Ahem, hairball.


The dog smell has finally faded to tolerable levels, I totally caught that fly on my own, the kibble is tasty and free of contamination, the water is fresh and slobber free and crinkleball is fine having had to fend for himself against two giant dogs. He's braver than I for sure, but then again he doesn't have a tail to lose.

I am stuffed with treats and kibble so I'm heading to my wickerbed POOKY! for some much deserved rest.
I hope to dream about what pirates did to crew members that mutinied.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A brat?

A BRAT? He called me a brat? I'm not a brat! Ducky I'm gonna get you, just you wait and see!

Hmm maybe I should post a little more on this blog while Ducky is off sucking up for treats. Yes, sucking up. He isn't all that put off by two dogs! They weren't big dogs even they were almost as big as Ducky himself! It's not like the bunch of us couldn't get two tiny dogs working together.

But Ducky was scared anyway! At least Bambi stood up and hissed at them! Ducky couldn't run away fast enough! And that fly he caught, he totally stole it from me after it couldn't fly away.
Who's a brat now Ducky? Not me!

Excuse me, I think it's time for my massage. My human does pamper me so! And look a whole pile of treats, why suck up when humans deliver? Really, Ducky you're too much like a dog yourself!

Monday, August 24, 2009

You would think so...

but no I'm am not the forgiving type.
Unless you have a whole bag of treats to appease me and then I'll only forgive you as long as they last.
Tuna flavored preferable if you want to keep those curtains in one piece.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Smokey and I sitting around as usual with old crinkle ball nearby.

It started off as a nice day really.
Plenty of birds outside to watch.
Smokey and I were sitting around meowing and batting around the crinkleball when all of a sudden we hear the drama queen (Bambi) give a frightful hiss.

That looks like it hurts Bambi!

*run run run*
*run run*


I and the rest of the crew are hiding.

Background left to right: Spooky, Mimi, Missy, Rocky
Foreground: Me
All of us up high where the mutts can't reach!

Have no fear, Bambi Smokey and the rest of the crew made it away from the dogs safely and are currently in their own hiding places, some just off camera. Poor crinkleball was left to fend for himself.

I am so very not happy with this. Not only did the humans trick us into thinking the dog wasn't coming after all but they brought TWO!

If they use the litter box too I just won't stand it.
I might not survive tail intact but I'll put some scratches in their noses they'll never forg...

Oh they're gone. PHEW! Like I was seriously gonna go out there!
Hello humans can you please throw out all that mutt contaminated food and give me fresh kibbles?

heh works everytime!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

*Sniff sniff*

I don't smell any dog out there. Haven't even heard one all day.
I'mma gonna go check and see.
*takes cautious step into doorway*
No dog.
*takes cautious steps past doorway*
No dog.
*takes cautious steps into living room*
No dog.
*looks around*
No dog!
*sits down in front of kibble bowl*
Nom nom nom
Why in the world did the humans say there was gonna be a dog here today?


Hmmm what? *yawn*
You were expecting a blog tonight?
I have not heard any of this non-sense. Especially as I was sleeping just now.

Do you want me to pee all over this blog thing you speak of?
Lemme sleep.


Psssst! Ducky is a little grumpy tonight. He heard someone was bringing a dog over tomorrow for a visit and has since taken to pouting in his storage basket...umm wicker bed.
But I'm here to post this blog thing. Hi I'm Spooky. But everyone just calls me Pooky or Pook. I'm sure he'll get around to introducing me at some po
int. does this work anyway?
You type something in the box and then hit the publish thing and th.....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheezewiz is tasty

And has nothing to do with this post.
Nope it has nothing at all to do with the licked jar of cheezewiz. If anyone asks you'll tell them your pal Ducky was no where near the cheeze.

The squirrel didn't come back, the fleas that used to live here no longer live and the fly I caught two days ago wasn't as tasty as he looked. HE WAS BETTER!

I got in a good hour of play in one of the freshly cleaned litterboxes before someone had to use it. And then well you don't actually expect me to play in it after that do you?

The crew and I saw another cat outside today. Or should I say heard a cat outside today. Lokki was first to arrive on scene and quickly sniffed out the window area for any invading scents. I'm happy to report our territory wasn't challenged. The intruder took one look at the bunch of us trying to squeeze into that one window and took off faster than his fleas could find something to hold on to.

Hmm I wonder if that would actually work?
*tries outrunning dead fleas*
Oh wait...hmm next time then.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh no he didn't!


What just happened?
Where the kibble did THAT come from?
And how did he escape so fast?

Must be a ninja squirrel.

He comes back here and I'll have myself a ninja sandwich.

Photo of myself Copyright Me! and uh the human who held the camera Nutamu
Crasher Squirrel Copyright Melissa Brandts

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am currently quite disgruntled.
I lost all track of time, not that someone such as my self keeps track of time aside from feeding time and non feeding time, but that is beside the point.

Today was advantage day.
Bleh that stuff stinks and the humans put it on the back of the necks of every cat here, worse, they put it on me!

The humans tried telling me it would keep away those nasty fleas. Why don't they put it on the fleas then?
*hiss* I don't believe them, it's a conspiracy I tell you!

Although...I do seem far less itchy. Must be a coincidence.

Ugh I need a bath but I don't want to accidentally taste that yucky stuff.
Maybe just a paw swipe or two across my ears and a paw swipe or two at any feet that come near me for the next week.

Except at feeding time of course.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crinkle ball

Crinkle ball, oh crinkle ball!
How you capture my attention.
Dream about you in my sleep
To the point of ball fixation

Now my Nannybug can't seem to go long without giving my old crinkle ball a bat.

Sooooo close, can't resist!

We have so much in common really...
There's a fly in the apartment!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My best bud

Me and my nannybug snuggling

Lokki is my best bud. When I was first brought in from outside I was alone. My brothers and sisters were still outside and I found myself among a bunch of hissing, yowling cats who wanted nothing to do with me. But Lokki, he took to me like a Duck to water hehehe. He became my tour guide, my teacher, almost a parent to me. He taught me how to brawl, helped clean my fur and cuddled next to me in sleep.

Whether it was snoozing or eating Lokki was there with me.

When my brothers and sisters were found we called him Nannybug. His nickname was Bug because he 'bugged' the humans all the time (he is quite good at it). He acted like he didn't like the name but I think he did anyway. He never once asked us not to call him it.

Lokki was the only cat that actually came from the Cowansville area. The story he told us is that he was outside wandering alone and saw some other cats come up to a window. Sometimes the humans would put food out, sometimes they'd invite the cats in for a meal. So when no one was around Lokki went up to the same window. Someone inside opened it for him and he walked right in like he always belonged there. He was still small back then and hadn't had a decent meal in quite sometime. He ate and slept and when he woke up he discovered that he was still there. He'd found a new home!
I wish more cats could find windows like that!
As time went by he found himself growing more and more lonely. The cats he stayed with were all much older and didn't want to play. When turned one year old he got the best birthay present ever, a kitten of his very own to play with, me!
Every story should end with cat hugs!

I'm doooing the Full Monty!

Look at me go!


Nothing is as cool as a wicker bed.

Even if that wicker bed is actually what the human's call a "Storage Basket".

Time for a nap.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My family

I thought I'd take a 'paws' from chasing crinkle ball and hanging with my crew to post a bit about the actual crew so you all know who I'm meowing about.

Tonight: The family.

I'm the oldest (or so I'd like to think) of 5 kittens. We were found one by one (except my sisters who stuck together) out in the real world, in a field all alone. I was found first followed by Bambi then Patches and Foxy then Teddy Bear.
My brothers Bambi and Teddy Bear are both long furred, my bratty sister Patches and I are not. Our sister Foxy was also long furred but she went to the rainbow bridge when she was a kitten. We miss her still.

Left to right: Patches, Bambi, Teddy and Me!

Patches is who I call my bratty sister. She was very sick as a kitten and almost followed Foxy to the rainbow bridge. Everyone was very worried (even me) but then she got better. She learned fast how to manipulate her human who helped her get better and became the center of attention for a long time. She likes picking fights with me, Bambi and Teddy then running off squealing to her human when we fight back. Then we get yelled at. So unfair! Despite being the brattiest sister, she's also quite tough when she wants to be and I'm glad (mostly) to call her part of my crew.

Bambi is my very confused brother. I say confused because for the first few months living indoors everyone but us cats thought he was a girl. He flirts with everyone he meets and acts sweet enough to give the humans cavities so I suppose it's little wonder. Bambi is a big fan of the arts having been called 'show cat' on more than one occasion. He has a very poofy tail he likes folding backwards onto his back. He says it's more 'dramatic'. Despite his softer side I've taught him a few moves and now he can brawl with the best of them. He probably sees it as researching a character though. *sigh*

Teddy Bear was the late arrival having been found much later than the rest of us. He is wise for his years knowing the perfect balance of attention seeking and solitude. He'll hide away for hours in a place no one knows of, contemplating the universe or just snoozing. He is best buds with Bambi and when he's not hiding away somewhere can often be found snuggling with him. The humans call them the twins because they say they look so much alike. I don't really see the resemblance. For one thing Teddy has freakishly long fur. I'd doubt he was fully cat if he wasn't my brother.

Then there's me.
I'm big, I'm orange, I'm a tabby with 'tude. I shy away from the affections of the humans until they're otherwise occupied. I especially love getting nice and affectionate right when everyone is asleep and rubbing them awake only to dart away the minute they give in. My bestest bud in the whole world is Lokki who I'll be talking about next time.

Right now I'm off to catch up on the sleep I missed while typing this. Maybe even bat old crinkleball around so he knows I haven't forgotten him.
Life is good.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night at the Theater

You know I'm all for high culture, it's great to snooze through. So the crew arranged to have their very own production of Romeo and Juliet a little while back.
Now I'm not one to criticize, if I don't like something I just annoy the kibble out of people by not participating in any possible way. But I think my brother Bambi has gone too far.

The infamous final scene

Yes I know that in the original time of Shakespeare all the actors were guys but we're cats!
And we happen to have a few girls in the crew, one of them being my bratty sister. So Teddy and Bambi played Romeo and Juliet and yes they're both boys (though some people still won't believe me about Bambi).
It was a very moving play...tail moving anyway. Mine was lashing all over the place!

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed for the photo, Bambi really is that good of an well that and he kinda fell asleep. Yes he sleeps with his mouth open, eyes open. Our human told us sleeping like that will catch flies but I haven't seen a single one fall for it yet!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello cats and kittens!

Wow my first entry. I'm so excited I want my crinkle ball here to witness my inaugural entry.

*jumps off chair*
*runs off*
*distant piff paff*
*runs back in*

There now the crinkle ball is set up to view...hmm that crinkle ball looks too good to just leave sitting there I wonder ifxdbh utnso[e]gpoaerg qipe45y in}(BIe45hprniphatpasfnbegn sapeirgnjwsripisdnfg oiwenrthio wpth etuktyfl,kdfdfgsodbnfvgb adugbuabdgsjbd uhse568yws9d8vguweryohaev lse58uOawse85y3w4y0768it6j789potfgnfdthse4yt7itymch

Phew! That was fun! This keyboard thing isn't quite as happy about chasing the crinkle ball all over it but it'll learn to get out of the way of an impending chase or be smooshed over just like everything else around here.

So what do you all think of my first entry evaar?