Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meowy Christmas!

Ok so it's officially Christmas Eve but I'm anticipating a certain human giving me some nip tomorrow for Christmas and you don't want to see my typing on that stuff!

How about a couple of pictures?

This is me, posing for a photo with Santa. I somehow thought he'd be...bigger.

And of course every tree needs an angel on top so here is Toby sporting his wings.
Not that he's a real angel, or that he actually sits on top the tree...what does he do again?

I am anticipating a lot of fun tomorrow. I've been looking for hidden pressies all week and I know the smell of treats quite well, really you'd think they'd know by now. Hello, cat! Superior smelling power. Spooky just tried to tell me it has something to do with old factories...I wonder about him at times, really.
I even thought I heard the distinctive crunch of another crinkle ball in one of the bags but someone tied it shut and I couldn't very well rip it open when there's always a human around to come running and bust me.
A great many ornaments have been knocked from the tree and I am really exhausted from the effort. And kinda frustrated; none of them broke. Apparently the bottom half of the tree is covered in non breaking ornaments.
Who knew humans could learn stuff?
The top half still has the breakable kind though and that sounds like a challenge to me.

I hope all you cats, kittens and humans (because you bring us food and all) have a very Merry Christmas.
As for Santa, I'm keeping an eye out for you.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Look what my human made me!

I am loved!

I heart Ducky by ~nutamu on deviantART

Now you can give me a lick and put me on your Christmas cards! MOL!

Oh hey! No fair!

Monday, December 14, 2009

*yawn* *stretch*

These curtains are great! Too bad they only let me do this for so long before they get a little ragged.
Wimpy curtains!

Uh oh...the people spotted me stretching again. Apparently it's a crime to align one's back properly?

*run run run*

Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome me back, cause here I am!


I was just, thinking. Thinking about what snow tastes like. Yup, it's called SNOW Patches not "s'noooo" good try though, for a bratty sister.

I was also thinking that Christmas is coming soon, which means the humans are gonna bring us a tree to play with and pile funny boxes (some which smell like treats) underneath it like little steps for those of us less than agile who can't scale the base.

Not that I had any problems my very first year. I brought that tree to it's knees and had the branches stretched out to hold me up, even if I had to knock a few things out of it in the process.
Why do the humans fill those things with so many dangly toys, I mean I only have 4 paws, I can't possibly knock em all down in the few weeks the tree is up. Not that I didn't give it a valiant effort. I can't wait for the fun to begin!

Hmm I really do need to introduce more of the crew, at this point it's getting quite ridiculous so I'll do a quick one right here and now.

Her name is Missy, (nickname Missy Moo Moo).
She is quite beautiful and quite willing to bite my ears off if I didn't tell you that. I happen to like my ears. She is one tough cat for such an decpetively dainty looking feline. I don't mess with her unless I'm feeling that lovely catnip buzz that makes a cat far too brave and far too stupid.

I am told by the older cats that Missy was rescued from an empty lot next to a garage of all places *looks around for missy, doesn't spot her* HA! *looks around again nervously* that was run by a cat hater.
She was removed from the area to save her life and I think also to intimidate every cat that came after her for good measure.

She has her cool moments, like when she spared my tail when I accidentally bumped into her one day and I think every crew needs a surprize attacker to defend the home territory from intruding cats and those horrible, horrible dogs.
Missy loves her attention and has many traits in common with my sister Patches (oh joy) and always arrives first for treat time (most of us have learned that claws don't really do well with a pile of treats).

Basically around here there are three girls(Patches, Missy and Mimi) who make it their job to act like they control the rest of us.
Us guys know better, when you know they aren't around to swipe at us.
I'm sooo not gonna be overrun by my bratty sister that's for sure!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hmm a blog, I wonder if it tastes good?

Yup it's me, Patches invading the blog again. Wow, not a paw in sight on here in some while. Good thing I am here huh? Not that I blame Ducky, I think his butt got frozen to the window seat. See all this white stuff started falling (the humans called it s'NOOOO...I don't think they like it much if they can't even finish saying it without the mournful wail) and ever since Ducky has spent a lot of time looking at it, watching it fall and acting like a total kitten batting at the frigid window.. Purrsonaly I can't stand the stuff, too cold. Brrrrr! My fur is too short to even look at it without feeling a chill.

*holds up one paw*

Oh humans, I need another foot massage, I was thinking of the s'NOOOO again. hehehe

For the record, I did believe we'd finally get a follower, more than one eventually, just not with Ducky alone writing these blog things. That's what I'm for, ok so the others too a bit I suppose but seeing as Spooky and I are the only ones brave enough to pounce onto the 'net' so far (though I have yet to see this thing Ducky called the net anywhere even if I did jump on it!), they really don't count.

I think I'll try and get one of the long furred twins to fetch me one of those s'NOOOO things. It may be cold but they look all tasty running past the window.