Monday, June 27, 2011


So I haven't posted in a while.
Here's a post to tide you over.

Oh and there's a giveaway.
I only promote things that have something to do with the betterment of animals.
The human says this giveaway has something to do with the humane society.

I was promised treats.
So here it is,

Carolina Pad Giveaway

Friday, May 13, 2011

What is this?

It smells like catnip.
It's long and scruffy and very much toy like.

But the tag says "Dog Toy"!

I didn't know dogs like catnip too!


Well they're still not having any of MY catnip!
And this toy thing has like no stuffing at all, impossibly hard to give it a proper bunny kick!
Impossibly easy to wrap it around me and smell nothing but catnip all day though.

I think I like this 'dog toy" afterall.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt the Internet Day!

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

It's the official Adopt the Internet Day today!
Now I know what you're thinking 'Adopt the internets? It's so big!' But this day is about us; cats, dogs, bunnies and birdies. Those of us that were adopted or rescued.

I'm told I should talk a bit about adoption. Well who better to hear it from huh?

I was a rescue kitty. So were my sisters and brothers. Everyone in the crew was in fact adopted, rescued from the scary outdoors or from humans that didn't want us anymore.

Maybe the human readers won't understand, but no day is more clear to me than the day a strange human heard me crying, outside, lost, alone and picked me up. No day is more happy when I saw the world of inside, so warm and safe. I felt truly safe for the first time in my life and could close my eyes and rest. I could eat all I was given, and I was given so much! I couldn't believe my luck! And the humans were so nice!

I remember sleeping so much at first, trying to catch up from those days in the cold, and the rain. With the dogs and hawks all around, ready to snatch a tiny tabby like me, it made it hard to really sleep, wondering when they would find me.

I found a home, all the food I could eat, water that actually tasted like water and all the attention and love I could handle.

And then they found my brother Bambi! When I saw Bambi again, I was so happy! I thought I'd never see him again, especially being inside. But the humans also then found my sisters Patches and Foxy! We had great times, playing and running around. Seeing the vet wasn't fun at all but somehow he made me feel even better.

Unfortunately our sister Foxy had been outside in the cold too long and got very sick. We all hoped she would get better but sadly we lost her not even a month after finding her again.

The very next day after losing Foxy the humans found Teddy Bear, our last sibling to still be outside. Somehow he made it all that time outside on his own but was very happy to become an inside cat too.

All over the world there are cats just like us in need a good home. And everyday a great many kind humans find cats just like us, those alone, abandoned, lost kitties. They take us from those who would harm us, rescue us when we get hurt or stuck. They bring us inside and give us food and clean water.
But there are so many of us. And they can't give us all forever homes. They need your help.
A site like petfinder is great because it helps those humans who find us, find us the forever homes we need.
Shelters like the SPCA, rescue groups and shelters all over use it to find someone who can give the cats they save a home.

Take from a tabby that knows, finding a forever home, is a great thing.

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's been great!

I am swimming in treats of all kinds. I won a prize at the One World, One Heart blogger event.
And just when the human stopped making high pitched noises of excitement, I won again. And again. In fact I won SIX times!


First I won the grand prize from Melanie's Journey a print called Enchanted Forest.

Then I won a necklace from A Frayed of Fibers

Then soon found out I won cat themed scrapbooking embellishments (those are so going on my pages!) from PawsN2Stamp

And just when I thought it was done, the human got another email saying I'd won two cat magnets from 3Cats Creations

But I wasn't done having my lucky name drawn!
Because then Following Trolltacks informed me that I won her penguin through the Art Dolls Only giveaway.

I figured this HAD to be the end of it until Papier-Welten sent out a mass email to everyone who commented. She asked those who came, to give her a request, something to do with paper and the most creative idea wins their idea realized. Well turns out Judith is really generous as she is fulling everyone's requests (all 44 of them), which means eventually (when she gets to me at the bottom of the list) there will be a cartoon of yours truely gracing the world.

I don't have a picture of this yet obviously.

This has been quite the adventure for both myself and the human. Ok so I slept for most of it, but typing is exhausting.
Which reminds me...I gotta go take a nap soon.
Hopefully next year the human will have a blog of her own and maybe even something to give away too. And hopefully the human's lap will be open for sitting when she does it all again, who knows, it may have been me sitting there through it all that brought in so many wins.

So my title as Lucky Ducky not only stands but flies to a challenge. I have more treats I can possibly eat (though the human won't let me eat em all at once *pout*) and my human is happily waiting for the mail.

Oh looks like the first package arrived! I gotta go see!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maybe I should explain.

The last several days I've been commenting on a lot of blogs, or should I say I've commented on the odd blog here and there but my human has been doing the rest.

*the human waves*

I've been promised my favorite treat, salmon cubes if I help her win something from the "One World One heart" event. She'd do it herself but she's not an active blogger MOL! And being active is a requirement (thankfully most of the giveaways were open to everyone, except one who specifically said humans only, which did not make me a happy tabby).

For your information, for most of these posts I have been perfectly happy sitting on her warm lap as she types. She likes calling herself my 'ghost writer' because of this whole thing...hmm maybe I'll get her to type up a few of these blog things in the future?

So if anyone see's some weird posts by me talking about my crafting, my mom or anything else human like crossing fingers for luck, well you can guess that's my human.

She has my full purrmission to do this. She also has my full purrmission to give me those promised treats early.
*the human shakes her head*

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What up with what's up Duck?

I've been asked in the past, what's with the journal title? What does it mean? Your name is Ducky, not Duck.

Well, to put it simply, it's a play on words.
My human has the weirdest sense of humor at times.

She started calling my nannybug (originally named Lokki) Bug. Then buggaboo. Then for fun, Bugs. Then came Bugs Buggy.

Sounds like a familiar character does it not?

For some reason seeing the two of us snoozing together as we often do, an idea came to mind. Instead of that funny rabbits catch phrase "What's up Doc?" she called us Bugs Buggy and the What's up Duck.

When it came time to name my blog, I thought, what better name than What's up Duck? I post what's up with me and the crew (but mostly me).

So there you have it.
Now can I have a salmon cube?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A popular Ducky indeed!

Though it may not show it by my astounding numbers here, I'm actually getting quite popular on that birdy talk site.

Follow WhatzupDuck on Twitter

I have been listed 8 times and197 followers (some of them even humans or DOGS!) .

Even Patches can't believe it (and she's still mad she can't figure out how to get on my twitter so she can post on there like she does on this blog).

Taking a bite out of twitter birdies, one follower at a time.

I think I really do like this birdy site afterall!

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's all white outside

It's soo white outside it's all I can see. The white has crawled up the window and covered it up to my height so I can't see anything else!

I think I now know why Patches calls it sNOOOOOO!

So glad I don't have to go out there. I'd disappear in snow that deep!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Ducky is lucky!

Today I am Catster's Cat of the Day!

While I wait for my trophy I'd like to take a minute to thank catnip, without you this wouldn't be possible. I'd also like to thank the humans, for having this computer thing that allowed me to sleep all day on something warm. And of course Catster, for recognizing my tabby genius.


Where's my trophy?


Oh...there isn't one?


Humans at home... make me a I can knock it over and make you pick it up.