Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Remeber kitties, stay off the streets and be wary of humans around this time of year. Halloween is just four days away and those humans do some pretty strange things this time of year, like dressing up us cats!

Deplorable! Poor Toby forced into such humiliation!

Though I must note, Toby hates, HATES hats he loves putting on a cape or coat when the mood strikes him. *shakes head* He's been with silly humans for too long.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's one cool cat!

You know, I love hearing about cats who made it big on the net. Just the other night when one of the humans was away from her desk (no doubt filling my kibble bowl or something) I took a peak at what humans do on the net.
Do they have awesome blogs like mine?
What a silly question, no. She may very well have a blog but I know it isn't cool like mine. I mean really? What could a human possibly have to say on the internet?

Anyway the human left it on a page about birds so I couldn't help but look around. Imagine my surprise to not find a single bird but a bunch of silly humans tweeting?
One of them definitely caught my attention because there in the mass of silly humans talking about silly stuff was a cat named Sockington tweeting about his adventures in cat land much like I do here on this blog thing.
Even more impressive, he has over 1 million humans listening to every word!

I'd like to make a cool cat like that an honorary memeber of my crew...but I'm totally not cool enough with my zero followers here. Too bad too cause I'm sure it would totally increase my coolness on the net.

Paws up to a very awesome cat. Remeber to bend their minds to your will and soon the world will belong to all cats! hehe just kidding, i know it already does. ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feral Cat day!

Everyone celebrate! Today is feral cat day. Not sure what feral means exactly but the humans said it's what my brothers, sister and I could of become if we hadn't found a home and humans to care for us. I can't imagine how horrible that must of been, it was awfully scary outside...*ahem* I mean cold, it was awfully cold outside.

So today is for all the cats still out there in need of warm, unscary forever homes.

Also 4 paws up (look I'm flying!) for
A bunch of humans are actually trying to help the cats that are out there, all alone in the cold. Even when the cats are too scared of them to come to them for help.

Warms my fur hearing it, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


New toy. String on a stick.
Oh so different from feather on a stick and lame toy on a string on a stick.
I've already broken the line twice and it just keeps ending up tied back together.

The human is looking at me strangely.
I don't like the looks o...OH NO! Is it bathtime...I mean torture me in water time again?
I know that look that's the 'I'm so gonna get you look."

Oh, I broke the string again.
Oh, this is the same string the lame toy came on before I shredded the lame toy.
This thing is getting awfully short now.

Hey is it my fault the string is faulty? Or that the toy needed shredding?
Just keep retying it human until I can chase the stick.
Sticks are fun too you know.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Case Unsolved

I totally called it! I said Bambi was the bandit to Smokey' name.
It seems Bambi has been taking hunting lessons from Smokey. Very suspicious indeed!

Granted no one is confessing and some seem to think I had something to do with it (bite your kibble!) I prefer a lightly smoked salmon with a side of kibble tartar not a furry pest with fur and bones to eat through (ew!).

I am a totally domesticated cat.
It's a pity some of the crew can't say the same.

Either way the case has been closed unsolved and the heat is off...the guilty party...whoever that may be...seriously stop looking at me like that.

Oooooohhh back massaging brush! Love it! More, more please!
I could never survive in the wild without backrubs.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deputy Ducky on the case!

I was deputized today by one of the humans.
We're investigating grizzly murder of a brown mouse that was found in the basement today. It was a horrific scene, the poor mousy was dismembered, worse totally wasted as a meal!

The human kept trying to find the initial crime scene and decided to deputize me in the hunt for evidence in the brutal murder.

Our number one suspect is the only cat who had caught and killed many a mouse in the great big outdoors beyond our window also known as the 'OMG OMG WE'RE OUTSIDE SCARY!' place.

Her name is Smokey. Not sure who the bandit is but I'm leaning towards Bambi, he already has the mask.
Ahem as I was saying, her name is Smokey AKA Chirpy AKA Muffin head
I'd say with the amount of alias' she's already be convicted but alas Bambi has more. Even my bratty sister has a few more than 3.

This is a photo of the suspect.
She has a certain evil gleam in her eyes.

Although I must say, all this excitement over a dead mouse, this 'investigation' is going to prove fruitless in the end. Mostly because we don't have any fruit trees but also because Smokey is a member of my crew. And a cat NEVER squeals like a mouse on any member of their crew.
Besides it just may have been an inside job. No one ever suspects the deputy.
Ho hum. er Meow?