Saturday, December 18, 2010

What? Where's the tree?

I know it is getting to be that time of year. The snow fell a while back and I can see twinkle lights outside my favorite window.
Every year the humans put a big tree up in the middle of the room for me to climb and it's not here yet.
Every year it's been there, every year I can't wait from the moment they take it down.
I challenge myself ever year to climb higher, smash as many dangly things as I can spot hanging from the branches.

Why is there no tree?!?


Edit: Two days before catnip day (better known to the humans as Christmas) the humans put up the tree! And they left it up for longer to make up for not putting it up sooner! I love my humans...most of the time...well...when they give me stuff.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's been a while since I've padded across the internets. Snow has fallen outside once more and we've all been rather occupied with trying to catch it.

Tiggy has managed to steal quite a few toys off the selves in the hallway, but for some reason the human just seems to get angry and puts them back on the shelf. Ok so he broke one, how was he to know that toy frog was gonna lose a foot just from batting it off the shelf. That's what you get when you buy inferior toys, it wasn't even squishy like a toy should be, it was all shiney and hard! Made a horrible toy anyways.

I am all full up with the kibbles, I think some might be falling out my ears soon if I eat anymore...hmm I wonder if that would happen? I wonder who I can trick into trying it for me?

I of course reclaimed the land of Duckie north of the water heater once more. The humans have more or less given up trying to steal it back. It is a good time to be a citizen of Duckia; seeing as I am the only citizen of course it is good times for me!

Duckia reclaimed once more!

Spotted a squirrel yesterday; it was outside of course, spoil all my fun, but still got my mouth a drooling and my teeth a chattering. I could almost feel that fluffy squirrel tail in my mouth. When I bit down on it though I realized three things.
One, I was day dreaming as the squirrel really was outside.
Two, that Teddy Bear had also spotted the squirrel and while I was day dreaming managed to wiggle in front of me.
And three, that Teddy screams like girl when you bite his tail.

No lasting damage done but he won't be getting in front of me at the window any time soon.