Tuesday, October 13, 2009


New toy. String on a stick.
Oh so different from feather on a stick and lame toy on a string on a stick.
I've already broken the line twice and it just keeps ending up tied back together.

The human is looking at me strangely.
I don't like the looks o...OH NO! Is it bathtime...I mean torture me in water time again?
I know that look that's the 'I'm so gonna get you look."

Oh, I broke the string again.
Oh, this is the same string the lame toy came on before I shredded the lame toy.
This thing is getting awfully short now.

Hey is it my fault the string is faulty? Or that the toy needed shredding?
Just keep retying it human until I can chase the stick.
Sticks are fun too you know.

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