Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hmm a blog, I wonder if it tastes good?

Yup it's me, Patches invading the blog again. Wow, not a paw in sight on here in some while. Good thing I am here huh? Not that I blame Ducky, I think his butt got frozen to the window seat. See all this white stuff started falling (the humans called it s'NOOOO...I don't think they like it much if they can't even finish saying it without the mournful wail) and ever since Ducky has spent a lot of time looking at it, watching it fall and acting like a total kitten batting at the frigid window.. Purrsonaly I can't stand the stuff, too cold. Brrrrr! My fur is too short to even look at it without feeling a chill.

*holds up one paw*

Oh humans, I need another foot massage, I was thinking of the s'NOOOO again. hehehe

For the record, I did believe we'd finally get a follower, more than one eventually, just not with Ducky alone writing these blog things. That's what I'm for, ok so the others too a bit I suppose but seeing as Spooky and I are the only ones brave enough to pounce onto the 'net' so far (though I have yet to see this thing Ducky called the net anywhere even if I did jump on it!), they really don't count.

I think I'll try and get one of the long furred twins to fetch me one of those s'NOOOO things. It may be cold but they look all tasty running past the window.

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