Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheezewiz is tasty

And has nothing to do with this post.
Nope it has nothing at all to do with the licked jar of cheezewiz. If anyone asks you'll tell them your pal Ducky was no where near the cheeze.

The squirrel didn't come back, the fleas that used to live here no longer live and the fly I caught two days ago wasn't as tasty as he looked. HE WAS BETTER!

I got in a good hour of play in one of the freshly cleaned litterboxes before someone had to use it. And then well you don't actually expect me to play in it after that do you?

The crew and I saw another cat outside today. Or should I say heard a cat outside today. Lokki was first to arrive on scene and quickly sniffed out the window area for any invading scents. I'm happy to report our territory wasn't challenged. The intruder took one look at the bunch of us trying to squeeze into that one window and took off faster than his fleas could find something to hold on to.

Hmm I wonder if that would actually work?
*tries outrunning dead fleas*
Oh wait...hmm next time then.

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