Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cat free internet day?

For your information I was not on yesterday because I setting a new record for chain sleeping, not because some silly human proclaimed yesterday cat free internet day.

I have not actually heard of this cat free internet day before today.
It kinda stinks.
I shall bury this nonsense in the litter box like the rest of the poop.

*scratch scratch scratch*

*litter flies out of the box*

There. All nice and tidy again. Now if only we could get rid of the dogs!

Seriously? You think some cat hating human could keep me away from the internet? I have these things on my paws called claws you know, and yes I understand how to use them and where to strike to cause the maximum level of swearing.

News article on the silly day

Hmm cheeseburger huh? I gotta check that out!

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