Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wow I slept a whole week!

At least in terms of this blog thing.
It's been a hectic time around the house. The humans are acting weird about this mousey with wings that was found in the backyard. We could see it from our favorite window but we couldn't get at it because of the stupid screen blocking the window.

Some of the humans have even cried and it bothers us all when that happens because we don't know what to do anymore than they do. A bit of extra affectionate allorubbing only seems to make it worse. Even Patches is worried.

I've heard them say words like RAYBEE's and QUAR-AN-TEEEN but I'm not sure what it means.
You don't think it has anything to do with those dogs coming back do you?
Maybe that's why the humans are crying? They don't want their curtains shredded?

I hope things get better soon but I think for the next while, until the humans stop acting weird I'm gonna be less frequent on posting to the blog.
It'll only be for a little while, try not to kill the internets without me ok?

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