Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Great Bug Hunt

Thank you for joining us in the great bug hunt March 2010.
To recap what you missed because you were goofing off on the internet:

Teddy spotted a crawling bug on the floor. Being a cat and all he promptly chased after it drawing the attention of the rest of the crew. A few minutes of what can only be described as fierce pawing and a minute of Missy smacking everyone near and taking over left us with a missing bug that no one noticed running off and hiding under a piece of furniture when her back was turned fighting.

And now back to the hunt in progress.

There seems to be quite a bit of sniffing going on. Teddy is currently searching in the spot he first discovered the bug, hoping for another to appear like the last. It's a long shot, but you know we've all done it at least once. Bambi and Smokey are checking the walls as I watch from a perch high on the kitchen table. Missy has stalked off to her bed, letting the others do all the work again until the steal it moment. Patches and Lokki are circling the area where the bug might have run off to, noses to the ground for any possible bug scent left behind.

The old furts Mimi, Spooky and Rocky are sleeping not bothering to care about a stray bug, and we not bothering to let them know a bug was found to begin with (Mimi really REALLY likes bugs). Toby is kinda off to one side bobbing his head like crazy trying to sniff out the bug on his own.

*eyes narrow*

Was that a flicker of tiny movement over there by the carpet?


Oh, it was just a bump in the carpet caused by Toby's movements over by the bug...BUG?
HE FOUND IT! He found...awww. He ate it already!

Who would of thought Toby's technique would work! Or that he could swallow a bug so fast!

*looks around room at cats still searching*

Hmm let's not tell them the hunt's over just yet okay? :)

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