Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm not a Duck, I'm DUCKY!

This means I don't actually like water, this also means no I don't want to be submerged in running water for what humans call a bath. I can take baths just fine by myself you know, I'm like 4 now! I don't even need Nannybug to wash behind my ears or anything!

Ok so I may have gotten some gooey stuff on my fur, but I was looking forward to discovering just what that was, and if it is worth doing again for another taste.

Also I am ORANGE not yellow, I don't have feathers (that was an isolated incident, let's just say I ate something with feathers ok?), I don't quack unless I have a hairballs, I don't have wings, though I wouldn't mind some of them actually as it would make catching the birds outside my window that much easier.


Oooh it's Patches turn for a bath, I gotta see this!

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