Friday, January 15, 2010


I don't know what the old water bowl said to Rocky, the eldest of the crew but I still don't see any reason for him to dive bomb it.
Out of nowhere Rocky went running and body slammed into the water bowl. He managed to knock the bowl out of the stand and knock out all the water without tipping the bowl over.

I give him a 9.5/10 on the awesome pounce scale, a 9/10 on precision but a 2/10 on smart thinking.
Can you imagine what would of happened if I had been standing on the end of this whole thing?
There's water everywhere and anyone who got stuck in the kitchen when it happened is now shaking their toes in disgust as they walk through the water to get out.


I think that boosts Rocky's awesome pounce to a full 10 and I'll add a couple more smart points just for getting Patches...hehe she looks mad...eek looking at me?

*run run run*

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