Saturday, January 9, 2010

Phew that was some Christmas!

It's been a couple weeks of turkey scraps, treats both soft and crunchy galore and plenty of new toys to totally ignore.

We even got a cool new litter box that looks like an igloo! As though playing in there wasn't already fun! It has a slide inside and everything!!!

Got another fresh water bowl...I don't know how those humans make the water move in there but it sure beats batting at the old bowl. I sure was missing the old one when it started coughing and not moving the water months ago.

I managed to make it 2/3 the way up the tree this year, a purrsonal best! Plus I got bonus points for breaking a really ugly and dangly ornament of a dog hanging up in there.

The crew and I have been lazing around for the last two weeks when we weren't playing with empty present boxes and chasing new crinkle balls (I KNEW IT!), Patches even got a whole new pack of fuzzy mice, which are now all hiding under the stove with the last ones. I wonder if we can get a tiny mouse sized cat next year to chase those things out of there. I think they are up to something gathering in the safety of numbers and all.

I hope all you cats and kittens out there were spoiled beyond reason as well and had a Merry Christmas.
I'm gonna go watch the snow cover up the windows. It's funny watching my nannybug trying to bat it away to look out.

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